We have qualified coaches at different levels of qualification who handle these young talented stars according to their age.
These are teachers who have been in this field for a long time, well skilled and knowledgeable about the game of various sports and laws of the game.
We do Trainings, Organize and Plan (TOP)
o We train the young talented stars while tapping talent right away from the grass root with all the basics of different sports. We believe in the upbringing of a multi-talented and respectable athlete of the society. At the start, discipline is paramount.
o We organize teams and play friendly matches, to check on the readiness of our young talented stars internally. We organize tournaments within the groups under the different age categories and they compete.
o We Plan for external friendly matches after going through the training and organization of the teams. This gives us assurance of the readiness of the team to play international matches.
Here, young starts are ready to play in any league according to the age bracket.

Training schedules
o Once a week during the school time.
o Twice a week during holidays.
Note: Planned activities and projects will always be posted and communicated on our social pages and also on our website.
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