Seth foundation is an organization which was established way back in 2013 to provide regular competitive sporting opportunities and promote exercise, fun and activity for all children in the different age categories both boys and girls in a theme of sports and edutainment.
“Our prime objective is to promote team spirit and activity for children in Uganda”.
From the scientific point of view, sport activities provided to children by our organization through various developments of camps, workshops and affiliations with schools, communities and other charity organizations improve on the functioning of the body system and organs in children and the youths of our nation Uganda, mostly to the needy were we always try to reach out.
Through sports and edutainment activities organized by our organization, we have managed to enhance skill development which we hope in turn will yield social, financial and administrative values in the future of our children in the communities that we serve.
We look at the life skills which are the abilities that the young talented stars develop for positive behaviors and ‘values’ which are the desired standards accepted by the society. These positive values shape and bring good behaviors like love, endurance, appreciation, cooperation, sharing ideas, team work, and respect for one another.
Through donations, volunteers, partner organizations, ambassadors and charity donors plus the effort of our organization we hope to ensure that children develop a healthy attitude to competitive sporting activities.
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